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“There are places of power and places of beauty, this is an ancient land that guarded for centuries the healing energy for a common future.”

- alan faena
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A hub for barefoot bohemians and glamorous goddesses, Tulum is a Mayan hideaway that perfectly distills the gypset lifestyle. An off-grid escape for nomadic creatives, it is a playground for spirituality and community. This tiny, idyllic eight- mile strip of sand on Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula is tucked between a tropical jungle, Mayan ruins, and the Sian Ka’an biosphere: It’s a heady vortex.

Tulum’s isolated and breathtakingly beautiful environment also makes it the perfect place for those craving a deeper connection with themselves, others, and nature. Seekers (sun, spiritual, and otherwise) pilgrimage to this beach settlement in droves to join this avant-garde template for a new bohemian lifestyle that prioritizes healing, eco-friendly practices and organic cuisine.

from gypset, by julia chaplin

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